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Our mission is to defy norms, push limits and deliver measurable results. Conventional, far from it. Effective, absolutely.

PRSPX Training Process

Sales assessments are a critical part of both sales hiring and training. Simply put: everyone seems to have an opinion about salespeople and their skill sets.

Unfortunately, though, we tend to overestimate our own skill sets -- and if we’re not doing that, chances are we’re underestimating them.

Most people do not accurately reflect or position their skill sets, and often times we have no real idea of the skill sets of those we manage.

Assessments help to measure a salesperson’s traits and skill levels around the sales process.

In this age, selling a commodity is business suicide. Commodities are ubiquitous and common. The only play your sales team has with a commodity is price and that is not a path you want them to take.  

You want them to adopt a position that your product or service is unique - especially when your competition appears to be offering the same thing. Even if your products are common, the services you offer around those products are unique. The people who support those products and services are unique. The company supporting those products and services are unique.

So why not give your team the training and coaching that is unique to your company and people?

We take core sales and leadership principles and combine them in a training plan that fits your particular style, culture and situation. The results are, to say the least, unique!

When you are ready to see how our process can give you a sales training plan that is uniquely designed for you and your company, hit the Tailored Playbook button.

Sales can often fall down process or methodology rabbit holes, where teams are defining the big picture for their reps.

If you’re coaching up reps on the big picture but they lack the core skills to implement the big picture, then nothing will happen positively for your team.

You don’t get better unless you know what you could do to get better.

Our team has decades of combined experience in sales, in the healthcare, manufacturing, technology, financial services, insurance, professional services and professional sports industries.

We coach you to overcome the blind spots that are preventing effective selling.