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Our mission is to defy norms, push limits and deliver measurable results. Conventional, far from it. Effective, absolutely.

Sales Support

CSO Insights has found that over 40% of sales teams feel they do not have the right information before making a sales call. Clean, accurate data is the difference for professionals seeking to streamline and clarify the front end of the sales cycle.

Our process begins with a collaboration to identify your organization’s high-value targets. We want to determine your optimal avenues to new business development. We then build customized prospect lists, culled from multiple data sources, social media, and our conversational expertise on the phones.

Quality data is all about working smarter, reserving your resources, and accelerating your team’s sales cycle.

Aligning your sales efforts with marketing is an essential step to connecting with your prospects. Our goal is to help you deliver highly relevant content to accelerate customers through your sales funnel.  The marketing automation process helps generate and qualify leads while at the same time shortening the sales cycle.

PRSPX’s Sales Lead Acceleration focuses on the idea of nurturing your prospects by delivering valuable content while keeping a safe distance from data overload.  Nurturing prospects takes time.  We’ve often found that it takes between 3 and 5 touches to reach a customer who is interested in a particular product or service.  Timing is critical during the sales lead process, that’s why we make sure we plan your outreach accordingly.

Generating new business is a constant struggle in B2B sales, and many organizations lack the time or resources to maintain a sufficient front-end sales effort. Many others are simply lost in the whirlwind of marketing innovations and options. What avenue is most effective for your go to market strategy?

At PRSPX, we believe it takes a fine cocktail of science and artistry to build and nurture a quality pipeline. The science of creating new business is a time-consuming process, but that’s why PRSPX exists. We’ve developed a well-tuned formula for success based on the continual analysis of our internal data and processes. We invest our time in gaining this understanding so that your sales team can invest theirs in selling.

We pair our analytics with a commitment to recruiting and developing highly qualified college graduates across a variety of disciplines, and specifically training them in skills demanded by the front end of the sales cycle. As a result, we’ve become an indispensable extension of our clients’ presence in the marketplace.