Sales Presentation Tip – Rehearse and Practice

Sales Presentation Tip 2: Prepare and Rehearse Your Presentation In a previous post, we reviewed the importance of knowing your audience before designing and delivering your sales presentation. Here’s another quick tip on preparing and delivering your sales presentation. As with any performance you undertake in your career, you must be ready. It doesn’t matter if you are delivering a… Read More

Support Your Delegation Process With Effective Follow Up

Follow Up In Your Delegation Process Establishes Accountability As a sales leader, you’ll want to spend some time reviewing how you delegate tasks. If you want to make your team as effective as possible and free yourself up to address the problems only you can address, then you want your delegation process to empower your sales people. When a member… Read More

Sales Presentation Tip – Know Your Audience

When putting together a sales presentation, there are certain guidelines you’ll need if you’re creating a first class performance. And make no mistake. You aren’t just educating your prospect, you’re performing for them. Your presentation has to have style, panache, and showmanship. So when putting together your presentation, it’s best to start at the beginning. Sales Presentation Tip 1: Know… Read More