Understanding The 6 Types of Sales Objections Will Help You Move the Sale Forward

  As a sales rep, you encounter sales objections throughout your process. In fact, some days it seems like that’s all you get from your client base. Naturally, sales reps must be fast on their feet and think creatively when their prospects are reticent to move forward. However, they must also be professional and knowledgeable when responding to their prospect’s… Read More

This Process Will Make You More Adept at Handling Objections

In one of our training sessions, a participant said that they needed some tips on handling objections. Objections are a natural part of the sales negotiation process. However, many sales reps try to actively avoid encountering objections. However, once you realize that real objections signify interest in your offer, you become more skilled at addressing the concerns of the customer.… Read More

Use The Impact Statement To Show You Mean Business

Getting Your Buyer’s Attention With The Impact Statement Here is a tool that we recommend our clients use early in the sales process to get a prospect’s attention and to establish credibility. While we recommend that you establish credibility by talking with your prospect or customer about things that of interest to them, you won’t establish credibility with your prospect… Read More