PRSPX Committed To Changing How We View Training

Last week, we announced PRSPX inclusion and recognition in Selling Power’s list of Top 20 Sales Training Companies of 2018 (find the list here). As I mentioned in my post last week, such a monumental achievement is never the actions of a single person, but the work of the team, striving to achieve a major, common goal. The press release… Read More

Selling Power – Top 20 Sales Training Companies for 2018

Recently I learned that PRSPX received recognition as Selling Power’s Top 20 Sales Training Companies for 2018. I’m honored that our company has received such accolades. But I also have to acknowledge the effort and the commitment that my team has made to bring about this accomplishment. The landscape of sales is changing. I recognize that our industry is constantly… Read More

Build Your Credibility And Boost Your Sales

Intuitive Sales Wisdom Regarding Credibility Here’s a bit of insight I stumbled upon about credibility while doing a half day training with one of our regional sports franchise sales teams. During the the session, I realized these guys were intently focused on their service.  And I needed them to move away from using that as a sales crutch to try something… Read More

Strategy For Using Email In Opening A Sales Call

In one of my training sessions, someone asked how to follow-up after sending an introductory email. If we group the email with the phone call, then we can create a solid strategy that works well in opening a sales call.  Incidentally, this strategy also works with direct mail campaigns or as a follow-up to a white paper download. Structure for… Read More