Fundamentals For Creating Your Sales Presentation

Create A Framework For Your Sales Presentation Here’s a quick tip when you are preparing to verbally deliver your proposed solution to your client. In the course of your career, some of your sales presentations will involve sizeable deals and require detailed material. However, you are a sales rep, not the head of state. The fate of a nation isn’t… Read More

5 Sales Starters To Boost Your Pipeline

Prospects aren’t waiting and hoping for your call. You’re an interruption; they’re preoccupied with their own world. By using a variety of methods outlined below, you can be unique. You’re more likely to capture a prospect’s attention from being distracted to focusing on what value you may be able to provide, after all, you only have 3-7 seconds before your… Read More

7 Cold Calling No-No’s

I was recently reading a blog post put out by another sales trainer and speaker titled “7 Ways to Make Cold Calling Easier”. And it got me wondering, where do these tips come from? Were these ideas formulated by this trainer or is the advice reused and basic standard advice you can get anywhere? Beyond that, is the advice based… Read More