Most sales professionals today are concerned with a tactical approach to selling. Usually they will ask questions like, “How do I open a sales call”, “What types of questions do I ask”, or “How do I know when to close a call”, an indication that sales professionals are looking for methods and tactics to move their products and services to their clients as quickly as possible.
Their approach, however, is more product-centric, focusing more
on the feature set of the product and the benefits that the product
will provide. With Balanced Attack SellingTM, sales professionals
take a more strategic approach to the sales process. They first
analyze their clients interests, reviewing what they value, their view of
the environment, and what they actually want to buy. Once the sales
professional understands what a prospect wants at this level, they are
in a better position to identify and qualify the opportunity.

They can begin mapping a sales strategy and a product mix that is in
alignment with the prospect's mindset. The sales rep can then determine if he or she can execute the sales process according to what the prospect really needs. With Balanced Attack SellingTM, a more comprehensive perspective of client and environment is used to develop solutions that achieve client outcomes.

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